Love, Your Enemy

Love, Your Enemy

I have been following politics since I was eighteen years old. I’ve watched, I’ve listened, I’ve learned, I’ve even gotten in the ring a few times. Okay, probably more than a few. But like I’ve said before, I don’t follow politics because I like campaigns or candidates, (or secret business deals). I follow politics because the people in government and power decide my future and my children’s future and I believe that it is my responsibility to be involved, not just to have a say in mine or my children’s future but for the future of freedom.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins. I’ve been in the fight, I’ve thrown a few punches and received some in return. I’ve debated with Christians, Atheists, Catholics, etc. I’ve had a tat-a-tat with liberals and conservatives alike, Socialists, Communists, and even Mormons. I’ve even gone toe to toe with my husband concerning politics. Which, unlike the other encounters, usually ends with a joke and a kiss. But needless to say, I’ve been there, done that.

However, standing up for what I believe does have its disadvantages. For instance, you tend to face off with people who soon become your enemies. I heard someone once say that if you aren’t making enemies then you aren’t really living. I know that sounds so unkind, but the truth is, what kind of life are you really living if you don’t stand for something? And standing for something means that someone will always be standing against you. As for myself, I’d rather be a person who picked the wrong side, than someone who didn’t pick a side. To be apathetic in the fight for liberty is the same as fighting against liberty, because when the time comes to stand for freedom, we will have done nothing to preserve it.

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Therefore, I’ve made my fair share of enemies. People who have called me a pig, or a racist, a hate monger or a religious prude. I’ve had people call me a liberal…me, a liberal. (I do consider myself a classic liberal, so I guess it’s technically true.) I’ve had people tell me to go places and do things, awful things. I think the worst thing I’ve ever been called would have to be a Communist. But that was from my husband out of humorous anger. He decided that calling me a Communist would be the worst thing he could call me. Thanks honey. You know me all too well.

In all those times though, in all those encounters, debates, fist-to-cuffs, I have never in my life met with a people more hateful, more angry, more vicious, more willing to just eat you alive, than some Trump supporters. In all those times, I have never met with people so vile as to blatantly tell you that they wish you were dead. Some of the people I’ve come in contact with may have wished that, but never said anything. And believe you me, I’ve met a lot of angry people. Obviously not all Trump supporters are angry or vicious, there are many who aren’t, however it is my firm believe that Trump is trying to stir up anger in the people. But the one thing, that is so interesting to me, is that Trump supports don’t play to a political side. There are Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, all different kinds of political thinking built into this angry, vicious movement. And that’s what scares me the most.

This is not a movement based on ideas, or truth and righteousness. No, this is movement based on anger. Perhaps understandable anger at being misused and lied to for however long from our government. But still anger.

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A supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump scuffles with a protester during a rally in Richmond, Va., Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

And it’s not their angry words or vile comments that scare me because you know, sticks and stones. Or the fact that when you say something that goes against their “oh so wonderful leader” Donald Trump, you are now a target to be destroyed. Destroyed not with words but literally taken out of this life. That is a very real fear.

But more than losing my life, one thing scares me the most. There are a lot of people who are jumping on the Trump train under the guise of “Republican” or “Conservative” or “right wing,” never mind the fact that Trump is not any of those things. And there are some people who have joined because they want “America to be great again.” But forcing America to be great again is not the way to make it great. America was the greatest country in the world because it was the freest country in the world. Trump is partly successful on the idea that forcing people to do the right thing is still okay as long as it’s “republican” or “right wing” or what some might consider the “right way” whether republican or democrat. From someone who is “right wing” I can say I definitely don’t stand with that kind of behavior, people, or idea.

I fight against evil. Now to understand what I mean when I say evil, you would have to understand my religious beliefs. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version, when I say “evil” I’m not talking about people who drink, or smoke, or do drugs, or have sex before marriage, or even people who practice homosexuality. Despite what some people might think. Those are sins but they don’t make you evil. I’m not necessarily talking about Communists, Liberals, Socialists, or progressives either. Those ideas are just a means to an end. No, what evil means to me, is taking away the greatest, most important gift that God has given me, and that is my agency. My free will, my choice, my ability to be able to control the person that I am now, and the ability to be the one I want to become.

That agency or free will is the most important part of my religion. I believe that before this life, there was a war in heaven over that very virtue. God wanted us to choose him because we love Him and Satan wanted us all saved, no matter what, at any cost, even sacrificing our agency. He also wanted all the glory and power. So the lie that was being told then and is being told now in this life, is that the way for us all to be happy is to force everyone to do good, no matter what, at any cost, even sacrificing our agency. And there are people who want all the glory and power as well. This is why, when something bad happens, the first thing people think is, “we should make a law against it.” It’s about control, so that nobody gets hurt or left out. And dangerously, so that others can have power over you. But if you’re forced to do the right thing, than you’re not doing the right thing for the right reasons, you’re just doing the right thing because you have to. And does that really make us good people, or just…people?


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To end off, let’s be clear, I’m not saying Trump supporters are evil or that they’re evil because they are Republicans, or Democrats, or even because they follow a man who is blatantly lying to them and stirring their hearts to anger. No, I’m saying that no matter who you are or what title you give yourself, if you try to take my freedom, my right to choose, my God-given gift of agency than you are evil. Evil is taking someone’s rights and forcing them to live a certain way. Even if you believe that way is in their best interest. The end NEVER justifies the means. So, Trump supporters, Liberals, Democrats, Conservatives, Republicans, Progressives, whatever name you choose to give yourself, if you try to strip me of my right to free speech, my right to practice my religion, my right to bear arms, or my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then I will be your enemy.

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